CCI Top Bond Mist - Premium Spray Adhesive

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CCI "Top Bond Mist" Premium Spray Adhesive

Airbrush Stencil Premium Spray Adhesive. Ideal for t-shirt and hat airbrushing.

Bonds to cloth, paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, plastic film, cork, foam rubber, and leather. Works best at room temperature.

Ships ground only. 

Directions for Use

  1. Check tip direction before spraying.
  2. Apply a light even coat, from a distance of 6" to 8" to stencil.
  3. Do not concentrate in one spot.
  4. Position coated stencil on sprayable area and proceed with airbrushing process.

Features and Benefits

  • 13oz can
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Reposition-able
  • Quick tack
  • Non-transferable