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Our stencil company began in 2004 through here-and-there stencil cutting for our small airbrush business. As our airbrush clientele grew, we craved new and fresh stencil designs to satisfy a range of interests, ideas, and artwork. We have been fully committed to establishing an honest, airbrush business since we first dipped our toes in the trade at small-scale fairs and festivals. 

Now, we are so proud to announce that our business has expanded and able to sustain a separate stencil endeavor. We use an American-built Universal Laser System to cut stencils. All stencils are cut from the very durable mylar material, which is also solvent-safe and reusable. These stencils will last you for years to come while reeling in business and customer satisfaction.

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Chino Stencils
PO Box 20447

Reno NV 89515