Hat Pack 6 # 2267 Top 50

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50 hat size art stencil design for Hats. We've pull out all the best sellers from all the 5 hat packs and put the best ones in 1 package!!!! Plus some new ones that never made the packs. If your a beginner this is a must have!!! And if you already have bought these in the past you know they pay for themselves already!! So why not replenish and get new ones for the season. Your getting more than 50% off each stencil when you buy this pack. Its a win win!! So order this pack now!!

Hat size for this stencil will be 3" to 5" inches

T-shirt size for this stencil will be 8 to 9 inches

Adult size stencils for this Package are between 8 to 9 inches. This size will enable the stencil to be use for both youth size shirts and for adult size shirts also.

* If you need larger size t-shirt stencils please message us for that request to make sure you get the right size you requested.

Picture of hat with design are not included with the stencil.

All stencils are fan art base. Stencil tools are made for personal use only. Selling copyrighted materials are illegal unless you have the written permission of the copyright holder. We are not affiliates and are not selling copyrighted materials. These are generic stencils for personal art purposes. 

Stencil Material are made from .10 mil Duralar material. Stencils are laser cut for precision detail. Stencils are solvent safe. Stencils can be clean and reuse multiple times.

 *Please note this stencils may have bridges that are not shown for our products protection from piracy.