Baseball Royals # 2383 art stencil / template

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This stencil is the perfect tool for art lovers of all skill levels. This Kansas City stencil # 2383 enables you to create exciting art quickly, from detailed acrylic paintings to airbrush masterpieces. Precisely engineered to maximize time and accuracy, the stencil / template allows amateur and professional artists alike to produce beautiful works of art.

Royals Baseball art stencil / template sizes: 

Hat size for this stencil sill be 3" to 5" inches

Youth size 7" inches

Adult size 9" inches

Adult Large 11" inches

Picture of the sample design are not included with the stencil.

All stencils are fan art base. Stencil tools are made for personal use only. Selling copyrighted materials are illegal unless you have the written permission of the copyright holder. We are not affiliates and are not selling copyrighted materials. These are generic stencils for personal art purposes.

*Please note this stencil has bridges that are not shown for our products protection from piracy.